Quaja Veneta, Agricultural Cooperative Society

QuajaVeneta, a Farming&Agricultural Cooperative leader in the production, breeding, processing and distribution of fresh and frozen quails, quail eggs and by-products.
With Italy as the main market, exports are directed to both European and non-European countries. Created in the seventies, the company has developed and evolved with the purpose of offering quality and taste, combining the passion and genuineness of a family-run poultry farm with a highly technological industrial production process.

A correct diet, containing specifically selected ingredients from primary animal feed manufacturers, together with breeding techniques intended to care for the wellbeing of the poultry, have lead to obtain absolutely excellent products.
The head factory in Malo uses the most advanced operating systems in order to guarantee total safety of the production line.

The packaged product distribution is prompt and widespread, wherever requested by the customer, and carried out by means of an uninterrupted refrigeration chain, using company transport as well as highly reliable forwarding agents. For years now, QuajaVeneta has been able to count on leading customers in the various foodstuff sectors, ranging from large-scale and retail distribution to the catering business.